Repair and Paint Your Gym

My earliest memory of my grandfather was sitting and watching him wall painting, you see he was a painting contractor and like many professional painters he was pretty much the family handy man and in my opinion his exterior house painting skills were the best in all of Southern California as far as I’m concerned. My sister and I would crash into the wall or send some kind of foreign object flying across the room making a fairly big impression, obviously needing my grandfather’s handy skills interior paint to make things right.

So when it came to opening my own gym, including setting up the hole thing from the ground up and fixing any and all repairs, my grandfathers painters skills came in handy. The amount of setting up the weight bench’s, pull up bars, hanging ropes and not to mention people throwing weights around and horsing around, there is a lot to running your own gym.


Patch Up A Hole

These are straightforward pre-cut patches, which will save time for when it comes to the painting. Cut away any extra drywall creating a clean cut to place the patch now clean the area. Adhere on the patch along with your hole cutting away any excess areas. Now it is possible to then add putty, no need to add too much, you’ll just have to sand it away and get it ready for some interior paint. Go in one way from top to bottom. Allow it to dry before adding a second layer, the same you do with paint. Bigger holes are a little more involved. If you find yourself patching up a hole that is huge like I usually am do to weights or dumbell’s or something. You are going to need a drywall knife and a straight edge or a utility knife of some sort. Draw square or a rectangle and cut the whole bit from the wall in a straight line so that the patch will line up correctly and there will be no problems when you paint the area. Next you will want the help from the local hardware store or a carpenter. You require several plywood strips cut to a little bit more your hole. These give it support and back your hole. Put them inside the hole after you have these and twist them into position. Now, measure your drywall and cut the plywood strips to size and screw them in to place so that you can add the drywall tape. With putty joint compound and knife add the borders and be certain to cover the screws, a professional painter would never forget that.

Let dry and add an additional coat, once dry go to your local hardware store and pick up some of the best interior paint they have, now if it’s going to get a lot of wear and tear like my gym is, the better the interior paint, the longer it will last.